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Queen B at the Queens

Today we were lucky enough to have the Queens hotel in Cheltenham as the backdrop of a photoshoot of our beautiful brushes.

Popular with the locals, "The Queens" is a Regency building filled with beauty, style and charm, which overlooks Imperial Gardens. It’s recently been re-launched with a stunning new interior setting perfect for day time coffee meetings toromantic weekend breaks, and the setting for our Queen B shoot!

Once we made ourselves comfortable in the suite, we began setting the scene for the brushes in several locations around the room. The gorgeous bathroom was a perfect place to display them, with natural daylight shining through the window that overlooked the promenade and gardens. The brushes stood out beautifully against the mirrored marble surface and they looked at home situated in front of this luxurious backdrop.

Once photographer Danielle was happy with the shots she had taken in this setting, we moved back into the main bedroom and spent some time positioning the brushes on the desk, on the side table and on the bed for a variety of images. We spent a bit of time looking on Pinterest for inspiration, the online community most people turn to for desk envy, and we gathered a few pretty props to enhance the photographs.

Queen B brushes appeal to women of all ages, those who want to feel and look glamorous on a daily basis and those who may only apply makeup for special occasions – whatever their routine may be, the application of the makeup also relies on the quality of the tools. You can read reviews of our brushes here where those who have tried and tested them share their honest thoughts.

It was a fun shoot in a fabulous location – a setting fit for a Queen (B).


The results will soon be shown here and on our product page!


Eye Make Up tutorial with Queen B Brushes

Reviews on our Amazon Product Page

"This set of brushes has really upped my game with regard to applying make up. Once I had established which brush was best for what, the overall look I could achieve with my make up was MUCH improved. No more slap-it-on-with-dirty-fingers for me! I timed myself for speed - just to check that I wasn't going to slow myself down too much in the mornings - and the process took around 5 minutes. So, it's not the extra time that makes the difference: it's the application with the right tools.

I agree with everyone else that the packaging is fabulous and this set would be an IDEAL gift for Christmas.

My favourite brushes are all of them. I have also discovered that combing my eyebrows makes a real difference. Who knew?

I recommend these brushes. Go and buy them now"

Review by Gadget Wife on Amazon.co.uk

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